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Lightning Returns- Final Fantasy XIII

Masculine outfits

I’ve been hoping to find a photoset of these, but I have found none, so I scanned my own.  Wish it was higher quality but I don’t want to damage my book for better scans either.

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Dengeki Girl's Style May 2014 issue, scanned by Mitsu

[ 1st page ]


It would be nice to have a kiss as an reward for winning.

"I’m surprised that you came here to the match to cheer me on. Not only that, but you also made a bento for me too? I’m really happy but… I’m a bit embarrassed. Look, there are stares around us. Haha, your face is red. Thank you. I’ve decided that today, I’ll make a shot (in the game) for you." 

[ 2nd page ] 

Character profile: 3rd year, top student in Seijou Gakuin. Captain of the lacrosse team. (…) Your childhood friend but during junior high school, you both grew further apart. 

Story: (Worried about your studies) your mother decides to get you a tutor to help you with your school work, and Mahoro is asked to become your tutor. When you are in his room, studying, you both unexpectedly recall your memories with him from your childhood. After that, you both become aware of each other’s adulthood.

Booklet contents: extra illustration will be added; also, the scent of the booklet is apple flavor

Interview: with Seiya’s voice actor, Namikawa Daisuke

(Just bits and pieces of the interview I thought was interesting)

"During the recording, there’s a lot of kissing scenes to the point that I thought, my lips are going to become swollen (laughs)."

"I also like sweet things so the fact that Seiya likes strawberry milkshakes really agree to me. Long time ago, drinking milkshakes would always tickle the back of my throat, and it’s not like it’s any easier to drink it now. Even as an adult, there are many things that you can’t indulge in, but a taste of a milkshake is something I refuse to forget!"

"Something that I love as much as a kiss? Women (laughs). And ice cream! Now which to choose from, that’s something to worry about (laughs)."

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OH WOW—-!!! Isao’s full backstage gravure shot & performance invite illus by Kuroyuki-sensei were posted on the Teikoku site today—-!!!

((Wasn’t expecting them so soon!!))

UNFNNNFFFHH. These smexy gravure shots are gonna kill me.


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≻ Kamigami no Asobi: Click and Drag Game

Guess what became popular much too quickly?

↳ Included Akira and Zeus for the laughs; I honestly could care less about the two, but some people like them so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

⇀ My Results:

Best Friend: Loki
Lover: Hades
Enemy: Apollon
First Kiss: Hades
Fated to be with: Balder
Cockblocked by: Anubis